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Brian and I went to Dos tonight. It was his idea. I went with a backpack. Recommendation: do not take a backpack. It's not the old Dos and tehrefore everyone gives you a funny look.

It was all Brian's idea, I swear. I didn't get drawn in by the strobe lights.

Saw Mac the security guard. Among others. Brian recognized him (without the hat, no less) from the single pic I posted to this journal.

I only had two Coronas. Then, Brian and I stuck to our goal of only two beers. So.... we left.
We did, however, get much decision making done for the ASU Department of Leisure Studies.
Look for DOS101, DOS205, DOS394, and DOS401 to be listed as course offerings next fall.
Your TA and professors will be listed as soon as the department figures out who teaches what.
I will be teaching at least one course.

Back to the all-nighter of homework.

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