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jonesing for dos

Last night I went to the West Valley's "Rocky Point style" bar, Wet Willy's. I don't find it the least bit Mexico-esque. It's more a poor rip-off of San Felippe's. Neither establishment impresses me much. The only saving grace for Wet Willy's was the $1 and $2 u-call-its last night. If I closed my eyes & pretended I was outside, I could almost pretend I was sipping my Corona at Dos Gringos--not at some lameass copycat bar where a guy was beaten to death two months earlier. Someone needs to tell the owner of Dos Gringos to stop opening bars/restaurants in the East Valley and open up a Dos over here. Please, for my sake. If I can't go to the bar in decent company (or meet semi-entertaining people there), at least rally for my right to drink at a hip place.
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