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Drinkin' at the trailer park

Our home away from home

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Proud to be trailer trash
That's us, the patrons of the Rocky Point style bar we love, and this is our community dedicated to all things Dos Gringos. Here you can talk about last night's drunken escapades at Dos in Tempe; see if anyone knows the name of that chick you met at Dos in Scottsdale; or share your favorite memory of the old Dos location. Anything goes here (as it usually does at Dos) as long as you're loud and proud to be day-drinking trailer trash forever.

"Leave your worries and your panties behind." --sign in the women's restroom at the old Dos


Posting/Commenting Guidelines

(*) Please be respectful of your fellow daydrinkers. Everybody has said things they didn't mean when they were drunk, but let's try to keep it to a minimum.

(*) Please post pictures behind the LJ Cut tag. No one wants to waste valuable drinking time waiting for pages to load. (You may post 1 picture outside an lj-cut provided the dimensions do not exceed 320x240, no exceptions. If you don't know what an lj-cut is, click here.)

(*) Wildly off-topic posts and mean-spirited comments will be deleted. No questions asked. However, if you think an entry has been unfairly deleted, stormy, your alcoholic moderator, can be bribed with a $2 Corona.


We Dos Gringos!